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"Jammin' Jimmy"

James Kemeny

Lead Guitar - Vocals


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This guy plays a million notes per minute. He has been called “the Six-Million-Note-Man” by critics nationwide. His ability to repeatedly play 256th notes has won him praise for playing ability, and criticism from the American Federation of Musicians for un-authorized use of excessive amounts of notes! It is reported that Jammin’ Jim owes some $457,385.42 in back-royalties for using notes that other artists have used in the past. His lawyers are presently working on a deal to reimburse all the artists of the world for his extensive use of musical frequencies.

Asked about how he got started, Jammin' relates a story about how, at the age of four, he got his fingers stuck in the strings of a guitar, and couldn't get them out. Consequently, he's been playing music ever since. And his fingers are still tangled up in the strings. Still, this does not stop the man from pleasing crowds wherever he goes. He delights in appearing at local venues when he is in town on tour.

Jammin’ Jim’s love of music has enabled him to participate in such events as Summerfest, State Fair, HarleyFest, South Side Water Frolics (not watersports), Brady Street Festival, Brookfield Lions Days, Butler Days, Greenfield Days, Knights Of Columbus, Lion's Days in Lyon, New Berlin Fire Department, Sussex Lions Days, West Allis Western Days, community festivals, country clubs in the 4-state region, bars, nightclubs, weddings, private and corporate parties, street parties, improv recitals at the campfire, and studio sessions with many prominent artists. His recent involvement with one of the Milwaukee metro area’s premier groups, “Front Page News” promises to be a revelation of talent unequalled by area artists in more than 15 years.

Front Page News spokesperson Bette T has called this collaboration a “spectacular opportunity”, and promised that the good old boys and girls will inaugurate Jammin’ Jim into the truly creative realm of Front Page News! It promises to be an unforgettable show!